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Your Will & Trust Documents

What do you think about how many people in the US have their Will written.

Only one in three Americans has a will and an estate plan prepared. It will be a wise move on your part if you take a little time to take care of this by creating a will and an estate plan. If you already have an estate plan written down years ago, consider reviewing your documents, especially the trustee list and your beneficiary information.

A Will is a legal document that names the people  who are to receive your assets, possessions and properties after you pass.

A Trust is also legal documents which reveal the decisions you made about which individual(s) you declare to be people who are to manage your properties and who are in charge of  giving out the properties and/or income to the beneficiaries that you had mentioned in the already created estate plan documents.

Now, we have made arrangements with a nationally known company that can help educate you and your family. It's a one-hour zoom session, no cost to attend. This is an educational opportunity to learn about it. For further information please contact us using our contact form-

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