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You Need A Notary Or An Apostille Agent?

Are you looking for a Mobile Notary or an Apostille Agent for your important documents legalized? Notaries take an important role in defrauding, notaries are essential to societies and they protect the public from identity theft and fraud. Apostille Agents really are life savers for us when it comes to facilitating obtaining authentication for your documents going overseas.

For instance, if your parent is in the hospital and they have to have a Power of Attorney (POA) document in place. Further imagine that the same POA needs to be sent to a foreign country where your parents have their property documents waiting to be signed for them in their absence. In this case you really need someone who is knowledgeable to execute the needed notarizations as well as an apostille agent who can effectively facilitate obtaining an Authentication Certificate that must go with your POA.

Don't just engage with just the first person whom you came across in your internet search. You have to get in touch with an experienced professional. Make sure the notary understands your state's notary laws and make certain your apostille agent is knowledgeable and efficient.

Every state is different and has different rules. At the Mobile Notary & Apostille Services located in Delaware can be in assistance to you. Feel free to contact them by email, text or phone.

Disclaimer: we are not a law firm, hence do not provide legal advice or draft legal documents for you. The readers of this article, if needed, should seek professional advice from a counsel who has expertise in the the field and in relevant jurisdiction.

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