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Why Notarization Is Important?

Deterring fraud is the Notary's most important role. Mainly, the fraud involves theft of money or property through forgery whereby a signature is falsified on a document which then is used to gain unauthorized or unlawful possession of another's money or property. 

People may rely on a notarized document as authentic, the signature is genuine and the signer signed willingly and are ready to accept the terms of the document. The notaries should decline to notarize a document if they suspect any foul play.

A notary shall serve in an honest, fair and impartial manner while conducting notarization of an individual's signature on a document. As a public officer and servant a notary is to notarize a person's signature after verifying signer's ID and identify if  the individual is in compliance with established standards so no improprieties are detected. 

As per the Delaware law (as it is also true in other states in the U.S.), a notary public must be a resident of the state, has good character and reputation, with no conviction of felony or crime involving dishonesty.

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