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Why Is Notarization Important?

Preventing fraud is the most valuable function that helps you by notarizing a document.

A notary who does notarization is a government appointed official who by performing a quality job in notarizing helps provide improved credibility for the document in question and helps enhance your position in receiving legal protection.

Notarization of a document may appear to be a simple procedure, but in fact it plays a valuable role when it comes to preventing fraud and in providing important legal considerations.

As a public official, a notary must be familiar with the state's specific statutes and all other pertinent rules and regulations of the state they are located.

When notarizing, correctly identifying the signer is the first step to take in order to prevent any fraudulent act by the signer. The benefit comes from notary's impartial screening for signer's identity. This screening helps detect document fraud which in turn helps protect property of the citizens from persons who falsify themselves, those who are identity thieves and exploiters. A notarized document is considered self- authenticating so it can be used as evidence in trials. A notary’s duty is to make sure that signers are what they say they are and they are signing a document knowingly and willingly.

By the way, notarization doesn't validate the content of the document. It only authenticates that the signer proved to the notary that they are the true person who they claim to be as the signer who is named in the document.

Notaries doing notarization properly, can help avoid exploitation of actual signers who are being tricked into going through executing documents against their will, stop theft of money and property through forgery by signature is falsified on documents.


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