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When Using Your Documents In Another Country….

Your U.S. originated (notarized/certified) paper works and documents (such as your birth certificate, diplomas, business documents, FBI reports, etc.) that you need to use in a foreign country, you will be required to show a certificate that verifies the seals and signatures on each of your documents that you possess and intended to submit to organizations in another land.

This certification is ordinarily called an Apostille certificate. It could also mean and called an Authentication, a Certification, or Legalization of a document. Make sure this proof is with you or easily obtainable during your trip or dealing with foreign representatives of their organization offices. Because, just having your important documents notarized is not sufficient. They need proof that the notary signatures and seals are authentic. This is why your documents also need to be Apostilled in the U.S., where the doc is originally stemmed from.

The process to obtain the above mentioned certificate can involve multiple steps and/or dealing with multiple government offices and embassies/consulates. Each step in the process and the minute details must be followed precisely and all paperwork must be filled up correctly and appropriate fees be submitted along with arrangements for the return of the final certificate. Even a slightest mistake and miss-step can cause to collapse your building of each step of the application process and then you end up starting all over. In other words your request can get rejected requiring a re-do. Think about the valuable time and money you can lose.

At MNAS (Mobile Notary & Apostille Service) is located in Delaware and can handle requests for all 50 states, and Washington D.C. We know all the needed steps, can handle the documents and the stress in the process of obtaining Apostille from the designated officials at at the State governments, in the U.S.Dept of State in Washington D.C., and the Embassy of the destination country, as needed.

We, at MNAS, are available for you 7 days in each eek to facilitate your requests for obtaining Apostilles whether it be your passport, FBI reports, diplomas, birth/death certificates, corporate documents and what not.

P.S. We are not attorneys hence don't provide legal advice or draft any documents for you.

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