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Understanding Probate and Its Challenges: Probate can be a lengthy and costly process.

Often this is causing delays and administrative hurdles for individuals and their families. Attend an educational free zoom webinar which will shed light on the potential challenges it poses to the efficient transfer of property to beneficiaries. Discover why many individuals seek alternatives to probate to streamline the inheritance process and mitigate administrative expenses.

Are you interested in learning more about estate planning? We know a couple experts from the Maloney Estate Planning LLC. who is offering free educational zoom webinar. Its on Wednesdays 6 pm and 9 pm Eastern. If you are interested please inform us so we can book seats for you. No cost or No obligation to you, send us your name and email address to:

We will confirm back to you about booked seats.



P.S. we are not attorneys, hence we won't either advice you on legal matters, or draft legal documents for you.

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