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Parental Consent document for Kids traveling without Parents!

Your child may be getting ready to travel with a grandparent, friend, teacher or another adult who is not their legal guardian. The kids may be traveling without their parents or parents may be traveling without kids with them. Whether the kids are traveling or the parents are traveling, whether the traveling abroad or domestically, it doesn't really matter, it is the parents’ or the legal guardians' responsibility to have a ‘Parental Consent’ document (especially parent consent for medical treatment document in place.

This is absolutely necessary in case when and if the kids have to receive medical treatment when the parents are not available nearby. Our laws require parental consent before a child can be treated by the hospitals and doctors. Therefore before traveling without kids you need a Parental letter given to the individual who is taking care of those children so they are in a position to seek treatment if needed. Also make certain to have your consent letter notarized and made available so it can be used if and when a need arises.

You may be wondering why it needs to be notarized. Any document that has been notarized makes it legal and authenticates indicating the signatures and seals on the document are genuine. A commissioned notary who notarizes your document is a public official who offers their services as an impartial witness to verify the authenticity of a legal document such as parental consent, power of attorney, wills & Trust , marriage certificate etc. A notary in Delaware is a government appointed official, commissioned by the state which gives them the authority to act as a notary who confirms the signer's identities to make sure the signer is the true person who signed the document and the same person who appeared in front of the notary.

One never knows when they will need a notary until they need a notary. The Mobile Notary and Apostille Services in Delaware has no physical office, we can meet you at your home, office, coffee shop, or any location you need this service. Of Course we charge an extra fee for traveling to your location. We are not attorneys hence cannot provide legal advice, draft legal documents or such services -

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