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My Premium Mobile Notary Service In Delaware

Seesan and Associates LLC

Mobile Notary & Apostille Services 

At the beginning I spent a lot of time on a daily basis completing assignments of notarization as a Mobile Notary & Apostille Specialist. I used to think about how I can be job rich and money poor. I used to accept low-paying jobs that left me with no time to accept high value jobs. 

From my experience as a mobile notary. I have now learned how to spend more of my time on more profitable notary assignments. 

The other day I sat down and came up with the fact on how much value I can bring to my clients as a Mobile Notary. My business class college professor always reminds his students that "Your income is in alignment to the value you bring to your clients and the marketplace".

This vision recently made me think. I took time and came up with the following list of items that I need to concentrate:

-how much I am worth

-believe I have value to offer

-say 'NO' to low-fee jobs

-learn how to negotiate

-understand the scope of the job at hand including travel time, mileage, waiting for the client to be ready, time to do the assignment, printing, scanning, shipping, etc. 

I believe my service is the premium brand of notaries who offer more quality customer service, willing to do extra when the customers are in need, I become more knowledgeable, because of that I don't have to take cubicle jobs for a boss leaving me with time to work on improving my skills.

I'm available 7 days a week, 6am to 5pm. 


302 455 8086 

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