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My Premium Mobile Motary Service In Delaware.

'Mobile Notary & Apostille Services" a div of: Seesan and Associates LLC

At the beginning I spent a lot of time on a daily basis completing assignments of notarization as a Mobile Notary & Apostille Specialist. I used to think about how I can be job rich and money poor. I used to accept low-paying jobs that left me with no time to accept high value jobs. 

From my experience as a mobile notary, I have now learned how to spend more of my time on more profitable notary assignments. 

The other day I sat down, and this thought came to mind: "Your income is in alignment to the value you bring to your clients and the marketplace". I took time and came up with the following list of items that I need to concentrate:

-how much I am worth

-believe I have value to offer

-say 'NO' to low-fee jobs

-learn how to negotiate

-understand the scope of the job at hand including travel time, mileage, waiting for the client to be ready, time to do the assignment, printing, scanning, shipping, etc. 

I believe my service is the premium brand of notaries who offer more quality customer service, willing to do extra when the customers are in need, I become more knowledgeable, because of that I don't have to take "cubicle jobs" for a boss leaving me with time to work on improving my skills, and work for his until I am exhausted.

If you need me, I'm available 7 days a week, 6am to 5pm., even evenings and holidays.


302 455 8086 

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