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Mobile Notaries Work With Estate Planning Attorneys.

Our Delawre commissioned Mobile Notaries work with Estate Planning Attorneys, present related documents to signers, gather their signatures and notarize the documents as needed. Our notaries specializes in this estate planning documents presentation niche. 

Notaries perform notarizations for wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and healthcare directives. These documents are often referred to as estate planning documents. 

Our notaries are certified, more familiar with the documents used in estate planning, their purposes, and benefits. They learned about exactly what estate planning documents  are, about  different types of Power of Attorney forms, eIght different types of wills, two types of trusts, more.

We do not give legal advice or recommendations. By getting certified they have a better understanding of the varied uses of these documents along with the different witness and notarizations. 

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Mobile Notary and Apostille Services

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