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Many People Procrastinate On Creating A Will & Living Trust!

You should consider creating your Living Trust when you are alive and have the ability necessary to make decisions and take care of yourself. 

Once you create one, you can start transferring (this is called 'funding your trust') your assets like your real estate, vehicles, boat, motorhome, bank accounts, jewelry, mutual funds, stock, bonds, etc. to your newly created  Living Trust. This process can require executing deeds and other ownership/title transferring documents.

Be aware that you cannot transfer your assets such as Retirement account, etc. The law doesn't allow the living trust to own these assets. Consult with your trusted Living Trust attorney to obtain assistance. Once you have your attorney prepared your living trust, you need to have those trust documents 'notarized' by an experienced notary public.

Disclaimer: This post is provided only for your information. We are not attorneys. But we are notaries public specializing in notarizing Estate Planning Trust Documents. The information provided by this post is to help bring awareness to ideas that have been beneficial to other individuals and business owners. The information may or may not be appropriate for you in your specific situation. Always consult your own legal, financial, health, and business advisors.

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