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I Make Life Easier For My Clients!

Listen Delaware Residents! As a Mobile Notary and an Apostille Specialist, I have the power to become a one-stop service provider for you, which eliminates the hassle of having your doc Notarized and then going out to find another service provider to get it Apostilled.

I am a full time Delaware commissioned mobile notary and a certified apostille specialist, so we can meet at your convenient location whether it be your office, home, local coffee shop or wherever. I do not have a physical office. So I travel to my clients to get their documents Notarized as well as Apostilled/Authenticated for your various important documents such as vital vital statistics records, court documents, educational certificates, business documents, estate planning documents, powers of attorney, health care directives, living trust, deed of trust, promissory notes, travel permissions, etc.

I provide fast and efficient notarization and apostille services in the state of Delaware.

Feel free to get in touch:

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