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How Foreign Language Documents Apostilled?

If your or your clients' documents (such as powers of attorney) are to be used in a foreign country, they need to be apostilled in the state where the docs were originated (notarized), before the documents are sent out from the U.S. to abroad.

If your documents are here, but written in a foreign language and they are going to be Apostled in the U.S., they need to be first translated to English by a certified professional translator who is not in any way connected or biased to the document or the document owner. The authorized translator will sign an accuracy certification. This certification is called 'Certificate of Translation Accuracy'. These  also need to be notarized by a commissioned notary public before you can request them to be apostilled.

As stated above, these multilevel steps have to be completed before you can apply for an apostille, authentication or legalization of your underlying documents in question and then be dispatched overseas.

SEESAN is a Delaware commissioned mobile notary, certified apostille specialist and a  trained and authorized I-9  verification agent. He is here to help. He can be contacted at:  / +1  302 455 8086

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