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Foreign Document Legalization In Delaware

The citizens of all countries require to obtain an Apostille or Authentication and/or Legalization of their documents if their documents need to be valid to use in a foreign country.

The word 'Apostille' is confusing for some of us. Some think it is the same as the word 'Apostle'. Notice that the word we are discussing here has two 'Ls'. It's a French word, meaning 'certification'.

Do you have a personal or corporate document that needed to be apostilled from the state of Delaware?

In order for a Delaware document to be valid for a foreign use, it must be apostilled or authenticated and/or legalized. The first step before applying for above-mentioned legalizing process is doing either of the following:

  • If a general document-, have it notarized by a Delaware notary Public.

  • If vital statistics records-, then obtain a certified copy of the docs (recently issued) such as birth, marriage, death certificates, etc. signed by the DE state Registrar.

  • If divorce decrees-, then obtain a certified copy from the court system.

  • If school records-, have the school official sign an affidavit in the presence of a notary public.

Mobile Notary & Apostille Services in Delaware are available for assistance. For further information you can also reach us at

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