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Estate Planning: Self-Proving Affidavit

Mobile Notary & Apostille Services.

Estate Planning: Self-Proving Affidavit.

This affidavit document that you create or have it created will help to speed up the probate process of your assets, after you pass. It re-confirms and proves that the person who created the Will was of sound mind and the witnesses watched the signer signing, when they signed their Will. A self proving affidavit needs to be notarized in front of a notary. Educate yourself about Estate Planning, before you start. It will help you make the right decisions.

P.S. A free educational session for you is available. Before anything else, educate yourself about all the details of Estate Planning. Send us your email (your name, email address) so we can get a member of our team (Premier Estate Planning) to arrange you to set up a free 'estate planning education session', no obligation to you, and no strings attached.

Disclaimer: we are not attorneys. Above information is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. For specific questions, you should consult a qualified attorney.

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