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Delaware Apostille Certification

Do You Need Your Delaware Documents Authenticated?

If you are to use your documents in a foreign country, they need to be apostilled/certified by the designated officer at the state

of Delaware, in some cases by the US DOS,and Embassies.

We can help you obtain apostilles and legalizations for your documents that are destined to overseas. Not only Delaware documents, but we are accepting orders for documents that originated and notarized in other states also. We have agents nationwide to help you. 

From what state's official can issue an authentication certificate is depended on in what state your document was originated and notarized.

In general, the type of documents we usually have seen requesting for apostille and certification are the following, also below showing are some of the requirements for them:

  • Delaware Vital Records must have been issued within the last 5 years, certified by the vital records office.

  • Delaware Corporate Records need certified photocopies issued by the Secretary of State. 

  • Delaware School Records need to have diplomas and transcripts signed and authorized by the office of school registrar.

If you require a Delaware apostille issued on your document, please choose our apostille service. We have been assisting clients since 2016.

We can  help you get documents apostilled and legalized through the appropriate officers in different State's Offices, the US Department of State and different Embassies located in Washington D.C.

Our experts are available 7 days a week, handling inquiries and processing apostille orders for documents just to name a few- personal documents, business documents. corporate documents, FBI reports, etc.

Feel free to contact us using the following link:

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