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Are You Planning To Study Abroad?

One of our friends' three children is thinking about getting admission in a university in another country. As a certified Apostille agent and a notary public in Delaware, USA, I have familiarity with the process involved in obtaining their educational documents legalized.

All the steps involved in obtaining certificates of  Apostille/Authentication/Legalization are time consuming and sometimes frustrating, following strict procedures is a must and crucial. 

I believe if you are the person going abroad, hiring an Apostille  Specialist will be a wise thing to do, because they have the expertise. 

These types of certifications are issued by designated  government officials at three different offices- the state level, federal level and embassy level as per the request applications you submitted. Prior to issuing an apostille certificate they go through several verification processes.

These Authentication certificates are mandatory for situations including your seeking admission in a foreign universIty located overseas, employment overseas, for immigration purposes, getting married overseas, adopting from another country, starting business activities in a foreign land.

If you are planning to move to another country for any reason, you will need to get your credentials and documents apostilled.

Using a reliable Apostille Services agency is always beneficial for you, not only to avoid errors but to expedite the process.

 Get in touch me if you are in need, no matter where your documents are originated.

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