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4 Elements To Meet Before Notary Appointment:

When you are in a situation that needs a Mobile Notary or an Apostille Agent for authentication or llegalization of your documents, we are ready and willing to extend our help.  Contact us by clicking this link:

The Following are some elements that need to be met for notarization with us:- 

  1. All signers  and witnesses (if any) must be present, and have their IDs for the notary to review. IDs must be valid, unexpired, with the owner's picture, signature and description on it-  IDs such as Driver's License, Passport,a government issued ID.

  1. Signers must be able to communicate with the notary in English, and be able to sign the documents without other's help.

  1. Do not sign the document yet. Document must have been completely filled up, except the signatures, and the notary certificate given at the end of the document. The notary is not allowed to advise or help you for completing the document. So have the docs prepared ,not signed yet, and ready before the notary arrives.

  1. A witness must be at least of an adult-age, not financially or beneficially connected to the transaction, and one who is not a party in the document.

Mobile Notary & Apostille Services 

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