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NNA Certified Mobile Notary,      Delaware Commissioned.
AATC Certified Apostille Agent

NNA Certified Loan Signing Agent

Apostille Courier Service Provider

Back ground checked/cleared, E&O Insure and Bonded. National Notary Association(NNA) member.

We are not attorneys.

Since 2016, I have worked with numerous signing service companies, individuals and government agencies  by providing them mobile notary services as well as mobile apostille services. I am very responsive, and timely with respect to providing these services. It is truly a pleasure to work with all my clients! My clients will attest that my service is absolutely the very best. This I am so proud of! 

I am also a certified Loan Signing Specialist.


My work experience in real estate and mortgage industries for several years and the knowledge I have in the importance of doing a perfect notarizing of all types of documents will benefit my clients.

I posses expertise in processing all types of apostille services.  I can confidently walk my signers through the documents satisfying all the notarizing needs of all kinds documents thoroughly, efficiently and professionally

Services we Provide:

Apostille: Documents destined to foreign countries are apostilled, authenticated and legalized at all three levels- the State level, the US Dept of State, and Embassies located in Washington D.C.  We serve for requests from all locations, nationwide.

Courier Services: 

We are Local, experienced, are helping customers worldwide acting as courier service provider in Delaware, USA for their apostille requests and other services. We are ready to take care of you on ​Apostille for documents for Businesses, Corporate and Individuals. 

Mobile Notary Service:

Our notaries are commissioned in Delaware, come to your home, office, nursing home, hospitals, etc. We are members of National Notary Association, FBI background cleared and E&O insured. 

A commissioned notaries are appointed by the Governor, act as official witnesses of signing of important documents. We are trained and certified which ensure the notaries do take decisions and act without any personal bias, and also are  trustworthy individuals. They can vouch for the authenticity of the signatures and seals on your document. They don't certify the authenticity of the content in the document.

Our Apostille Agents are people trained and certified professionally who are specialized in facilitating for others to obtain apostille, legalization and authentication of their notarized documents. If your documents are to be used overseas, just having them notarized is not enough. They required also to be apostilled.


When you want accuracy and efficiency hire the most professional mobile notary and apostille agent.

Our mission is to uphold the notary law and authentication law while providing professional and prompt service. ​

We have the proven track record of performing notarizations for attorneys, doctors, businesses and individuals for processing apostille requests for notarized documents.

Mobile Notary & Apostille Services​​​​​​​​​
We are not attorneys so will not provide legal advices or draft legal documents.

News & Publications

I am NNA certified mobile notary and apostille agent. I would love to earn your business. Feel free to contact me. Insured, background-screened, affordable, reliable, licensed, certified notary public and apostille agent. 

We are not attorneys, and will not give legal advise, draft legal documents

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